Well, hello again!

So I have neglected the blog for over a YEAR!

I found once we finished building our home I lost my direction for the blog and didn’t really feel the need to keep it going. I did keep my Instagram updated @houseamour, so if you follow me there you will be up to date with the House’s ha ha!

So, what has happened in a year? Well, where do I start..

I went on maternity leave from my job in corporate marketing in October 2017 and then we had our beautiful baby boy; Hamish in November 2017. Fast forward to May 2018, we found out we were expecting, again! So safe to say, it has been one very BUSY year. I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant with our surprise bundle due in December. I’m busy being a Mum to a cheeky almost 10 month old, working from home when I can (so thankful my employer is so flexible!) and just enjoying this new chapter of my life.

I plan to start updating the blog a bit more, but naturally, it will probably be about motherhood more so than interiors.. I no longer have the disposable income to blow on new homewares now that I have a baby in nappies and another one due very, very soon!

Here’s a few updated photos of our little family!

If you’re in Perth and looking for a family photographer, I highly recommend Melissa Sprlyan.


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