Engagement Photos and a Wedding Website

With just over four and a half months until we tie the knot, we finally had our engagement photos taken.

Carla Atley, our photographer is actually amazing. I know most say this, but she really is. The photos below look like we like each other?! When in reality, getting Josh to agree to these photos was an absolute NIGHTMARE! It was as if I was asking him to stick needles in his eyeballs.. In fact, I am sure, if given the option, he would have chosen the latter.

But he had no choice, because I needed the photos for our Wedding Website (Say, what? A website, for your wedding? LAME! But I will get to that in a second).

In the meantime, here’s a few of our photos.


This one is my favourite!

So, the wedding website. Well as you know, or have heard. Weddings are a MASSIVE rip off. Yes, it’s one day of your life, and one of the most memorable. But when you’re spending well over 20k on one day, you start to feel a bit sick… I mean, that could pay for our non-existent driveway, our landscaping , a lovely occasional chair for my bedroom and endless amounts of homewares from Adairs. Or, if we wanted to be practical, it could take a massive chunk off our mortgage. But the occasional chair and shopping spree at Adairs sounds more appealing.

So anywhere we can save money on our wedding, I am all for. So that includes ditching the traditional invitations with 99 bits of extra paper, that just end up in the bin, for a tech savvy alternative – a wedding website. Hence the need for our photos. Although, Josh did suggest we just use a stock image of a couple on the beach… The worst thing is, he wasn’t even joking.

On our website, guests will be able to get all the extra information, including: registry info, directions and be able to RSVP. Yep, all online. They can even choose if they’re gluten free, like me! Oh, and did I mention I don’t have to include a postage paid return envelope with our invites? Yep, just once piece of paper (Nice paper, but let’s face it, it too, will end up in the bin) is being sent with a link to our wedding website.

I used Minted to create our website – and it’s easy peasy!


Sneak peak at our website homepage

Another great site for online wedding invitations is Paperless Post.

Do you have any tips for saving when planning a wedding? And no, don’t suggest an elopement. I’m already beginning to wish we went for that option!


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