5 Tips to Creating a Cosy Bedroom

The master bedroom is your own personal sanctuary and needs to be a cosy, warm and inviting space.

Throughout our build I had a vision of a white, grey and pink bedroom. Lots of natural light, fresh and airy, is how I envisioned it to be. But unfortunately, due to south facing windows, the room is not airy or bright at all. In fact, it’s the opposite, and the colour scheme I chose just didn’t work! To make it cosier, I needed to inject darker, moodier tones.


After: Varying tones of grey, a pop of blue and a dark grey linen headboard


Before: Pink & Grey with white timber bedhead

So here are my 5 Tips to achieving a cosy bedroom:

  1. Don’t make your bed!

No, seriously. Don’t. Take a look at all the photos of styled beds. What’s one thing they all have in common…? Crumpled sheets and misplaced pillows. Why? So they look more inviting and cosy! Try simply pulling your sheets up, folding back your doona and throwing your cushions on and seeing where they land.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

My unmade & cosy bed! (Before the new bed head arrived)

  1. Layer & Texture

Include lots of different textures and layers on your bed to make it more inviting. On my bed, I have a fitted sheet, top sheet, a linen coverlet, a doona and a throw rug. All in varying tones of grey. The vintage linen coverlet gives the bed a relaxed and natural texture whilst the knitted throw adds a bit of dimension.

I also replaced our bedhead with a gorgeous linen bedhead from Tommy Swiss. It’s a bargain for $149 and was delivered to my door in 3 days, from Melbourne!


  1. Include Personal Photos

This is probably one of the most important. After all, the bedroom is your own private sanctuary and photos help to inject a bit of personality into your space.


  1. Accent Lighting

Pendant lights in lieu of bedside lamps are a great way to free up space on your side tables. They also add an element of luxe to your room. I rarely use our ceiling lights as I much prefer the mood the pendant lights create.


Liteworks Perri Pendant from Masters

Tip: Buy warm light globes instead of cool for your accent lights.

  1. Invest in good linen and upsize your doona

Want your bed to look like an Adairs shop window? Go up a size in your doona to create more of an overhang and if you want a fluffy doona, try doubling up on the insert.

If there is one area you can’t skimp on, it’s linen. The quality of linen makes the world of difference. My Home Republic bamboo cotton sheets from Adairs are divine and even my other half who doesn’t appreciate linen as much as me, commented on how soft they are! They’re also a lot more breathable AND are currently on sale at almost 50% off!


And how bloody cute is our new fur baby? #LailaTheBoxerPup

Our room isn’t exactly how I want it to be and there are still a few things on the (never-ending) wish list, including a nice comfy occasional chair to create a reading nook and a floor mirror. But it’s definitely a lot cosier (and more unisex) than my original colour palette!
We’re also waiting on our plantation shutters to arrive from iSeekBlinds. I will share a post about our window treatment choices when we have installed them.

Do you have any tips to creating a cosy bedroom?

Links to all the products I used in my room are below:


  1. Throw Rug – Home Republic Casbah Coal
  2. Coverlet – Home Republic Vintage Washed Linen Coverlet in Indigo
  3. Bed Head – Tommy Swiss – King Size Upholstered Fabric Bed Head – Florence Collection (Dark Grey)
  4. Sheet Set – Home Republic 600TC Bamboo Cotton Sheet Sets Nimbus Cloud
  5. Round Cushion – Pinwheel Cushion Freedom


  1. Doona Cover – Cooper Quilt Cover Set from Target
  2. Pendant Lights – Liteworks Perri from Masters
  3. Velvet Cushion – Kmart

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