House Progress: Practical Completion Inspection and a Handover Date

I still cannot believe I am writing a PCI post? After 51 weeks, we are finally at the pointy end of our build with our second PCI meeting scheduled for next Friday! Which means this time next week we will officially have the keys to our home.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, Practical Completion Inspection (PCI).  It generally means the point where all building work is complete or all but completed, in accordance with the contract, and the house is reasonably fit for occupation (more info can be found here

Items to be completed prior to PCI

  • Organise Home & Contents Insurance. We ended up going through RAC as they were the most competitive.
  • Tip: ensure your insurance PDS includes *new for old replacement*

PCI Overview

PCI went better then expected. If you read my post a couple of weeks ago you would know that we decided not to engage an Independent Building Inspector. I’m still a little unsure if this was the right thing to do… But overall, considering we visited the house almost three times a week, every single week since the slab went down, we’re confident everything is fine.


Ensuite Bathroom with Laminex Sublime Teak Cabinets and EssaStone New Crystal Salt Tops.

8:45am: I arrived to the house early so I could have a walk around and take photos. I hadn’t been inside the house for a few weeks. Josh manages to get in at least a few times a week because he finishes work earlier. However, even after 50 freaking weeks – he still can’t take a decent photo!?! He definitely isn’t an #instagramhusband….

9am: Met our Site Supervisor (Chris) who was awesome! He immediately apologised for the state of the windows. They were meant to be thoroughly cleaned early that morning but unfortunately the cleaner’s child was unwell so they couldn’t make it. Life happens! It didn’t matter, just as long as they are cleaned prior to handover.


My absolute favourite part of the house. Our front door stained in Wattyl Red Cedar.

9 – 11:30am: We walked around the house inspecting every single room. I had a notepad and paper with me (of course) and was noting down all our items so I could match them with the list the Supervisor was making. Our Supervisor had already noted a lot of defects down himself, which was reassuring.


Kitchen and window splashback. Our cabinets are Laminex Polar White – Silk Finish and the stone top is EssaStone’s New Crystal Salt.

Items on our list are mainly to do with aesthetics:

  • Lots of paint patch ups to the doors
  • A few screw pops to the ceiling
  • Extra grout to the wet areas
  • Patching to walls
  • Fix the roof flashing
  • Air conditioning panels to be installed
  • Fix the stone benchtop in the kitchen – it hasn’t been installed correctly and has a slight bow under the window.

The builder generally allows 10 working days to complete the above items. Once complete, a second PCI meeting is scheduled where we will walk through our house again and ensure all items have been rectified. Once this is complete, we can schedule a meeting at the builder’s head office to organise payment and pick up our keys! (WooHoo!)

Items to be organised after PCI

  • Receive final progress payment document from the builder
  • Send progress claim document and your Insurance Certificate of Currency to bank and request a Bank Cheque (I just called our bank rep at BankWest and requested this)
  • A Bank Cheque is the preferred method of payment over an EFT as it means the transaction and paperwork has already been processed by the bank. The cheque can simply be handed over to the builder at time of key collection.
  • Before they will issue the funds the bank does a valuation of the home. This is organised by the bank on your behalf.

Tips for PCI

  • Take your time!
  • Be prepared – we had been visiting the house and taking note of items we wanted fixed at PCI
  • Write your own list whilst walking through the home so you can check it off against the supervisors at the end of the inspection.
  • Stress Less! This isn’t a test, and it’s certainly not the last opportunity for you to spot any defects. You still have a warranty and the builder still needs to comply with this even after you move in! Plus there is the 6 months maintenance period.

House Purchases

Our poor bank account has been getting a work out of late (on the upside, at least something is. The wedding crash diet and exercise regime is yet to commence – haha).

We got the Maine Dining Chair from Domayne at the mid-year sale. Reduced from $179 to $116 each!

A living room floor lamp from Freedom Furniture (Titan Floor Lamp – Freedom)

Freedom Furniture - Lamp

A polyvore mood board featuring our Maine Dining Chairs from Domayne, Titan Floor Lamp from Freedom, Jute Rug and Print from Adairs

And less exciting – but oh so practical. We bought a washing machine!

I also had a voucher for Adairs and with 30% off I couldn’t resist the beautiful Soho Console Table. Unfortunately this was the last of my purchases – as I’ve now been put on a strict budget!


Stay tuned for next weeks update! #keys


One thought on “House Progress: Practical Completion Inspection and a Handover Date

  1. nicolethebuilderswife says:

    Such a hugely exciting time for you, and my second favourite after the slab goes down. I look forward to following more of your journey. xx


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