Solver Floral White and PCI is in sight!

The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur!

I’ve been so busy at work, planning our wedding (I still think I am a little crazy for booking it so soon – February 2017), and preparing for our big move.

PCI is in sight

Unfortunately we still haven’t received a confirmed Practical Completion Inspection date (hoping to hear from our Client Liaison Officer tomorrow), but it’s anticipated to be around the 4th or 6th July. If all goes to plan, we should get our keys two weeks later. So the week starting the 18th July! That will make it almost 12 months to the date since our slab went down.

With PCI in sight, we have thought long and hard about an Independent Building Inspector. We almost booked one, however then decided that we would put together our own checklist and do it ourselves. As I was trawling the internet searching for information I came across a ready made printable PDF checklist via It only costs $4 and has some pretty good information. If you want to get a copy for yourself. I have included a link below.

We’re hoping this guide together with my other half’s construction knowledge (now is your time to shine babe – because I have no clue!) we will be fine.

Now it’s time to Paint!

Another major decision we made was the painting. And no, I am not talking the paint colour, although that is a pretty freaking major decision to me, and I will get to that soon! But what we did decide on, was a professional painter. Yep, we will not be spending 7 days + painting our home. Instead we will be paying someone…a lovely man by the name of John, actually.

From the very beginning, we always said we would paint our house. I think deep down we wanted to paint it, so we could feel like we had contributed and worked for our house. What a joke right, of course we have worked hard for our home! In fact, we have worked for every penny of our house (with the help of a few dollars from BankWest and the First Home Owners Grant- thanks guys!), so if we want to spend a few more dollars getting a professional painter in, so we can walk in our front door and have that “wow, holy crap this is our home” moment – it’s worth it and totally our choice.

AND I may have got an EPIC quote. I am talking thousands of dollars less than what we were quoted via our builder. Now let’s just hope the works are up to scratch (I’m sure they will be).

So that leads me to the most important factor in all of this – the paint colour. Our Painter messaged to say he uses Solver. “Umm, what!? So you mean to say I am now confined to one brand..?” I’ve looked at Dulux, Resene, Haymes & Solver!

This was actually a blessing in disguise, as I was now forced to make a decision..  I know I could ask him to mix up a different colour, but to make things easier – I decided to stick to the Solver range. And guess who the winner is – Solver Floral White! She appeared on my blog post – Choosing Paint Colours back in August last year, so I feel kind of good about that. At least I am somewhat consistent*

*I am apologising now to all of my friends who I bombarded with paint photos over the last 12 months 😐 You know who you are!*

I’m even going to be a complete rebel and not even bother with a sample pot.. Am I crazy?

Instead, here are a few photos I’ve sourced of Solver Floral White looking the goods.

Solver Floral White_3

Solver Floral White as seen in the Aster by Ben Trager Homes

Solver Floral White_1

Solver Floral White as seen in the Aster by Ben Trager Homes

Solver Floral White

Paint: Solver Floral White (source: Webb & Brown Neaves Display Montauk)

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 6.41.53 pm

Solver Floral White as seen in the Cambridge by Webb & Brown Neaves

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 6.31.43 pm

Solver Floral White as seen in the Cambridge by Webb & Brown Neaves

The other colours on my short-list prior to deciding we were getting a painter were:

  • Dulux White Exchange Half
  • Resene Sea Fog
  • Dulux Unforgettable
  • Dulux Lyttelton Half / Quarter
  • Haymes Greyology

Head over to my Pinterest for photos examples of each colour.

Thanks again for stopping by. Next week I will have the long anticipated PCI post with an overload of photos!

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