House Progress & a Proposal..

Oops, it has been a whole month since I’ve posted…

In my defence, A LOT has happened over the last month, and not just in the house. We got engaged on the 22 of April! So my focus has shifted to planning a wedding instead of the house. It has actually been quite a nice change as I’ve been less obsessive about the house, making the build seem like it’s going faster..


We’re still on track to have handover within the 12 months they said it would take to build our house, so that’s a positive! It probably could have been sooner if trades were scheduled on time… However, overall it really has been a positive experience. Although we won’t be building again anytime soon – haha.

So what has been happening? Our cabinets were delivered and installed this month! I absolutely love the Laminex Sublime Teak we chose for the bathrooms. They look great with the City Grey wall tiles.

I’m a little underwhelmed by the kitchen.. I think it’s because at the moment everything is so white and there is no contrast, so it looks really bland. We also deleted the handles at pre start as my partner used to be a cabinet maker so we’re going to source and install our own after handover.

I’m also thinking of either incorporating wood into the kitchen with Laminex Sublime Teak overhead cabinets, or open wood shelves similar to the inspo photos below.

It was also my birthday this month and I treated myself to the best birthday present, ever! A matte black tap from Meir Australia. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to see it in the kitchen.


Matte Black Kitchen Mixer Tap from Meir Australia

I also used a voucher I got for my Birthday last year to buy a ceiling fan from Beacon Lighting. We ended up getting the Futura Fan in black.


Futura Fan from Beacon Lighting

Another big purchase we made this month was a sofa… Yep, I finally decided on one. And no, it wasn’t the Adara from Nick Scali. I almost feel like I cheated on the Adara after I had been lusting over it for umm, at least 18 months 😐

But anyway, I walked into Furniture Bazaar and they had this!

I love how polished it looks and I think it will suit the space nicely. It was also quite a bit cheaper than the Adara as they had 25% off. We got it in the lighter stone colour. It is scheduled for delivery mid July – so let’s hope we’re in by then!

Our pavers were also delivered. We’re only paving down the side of the house as we will be having poured aggregate for our driveway and eventually a timber deck for the alfresco and portico. We did however opt to keep the pavers to the alfresco for the short-term as it will be one less job we have to get done when we move in.

And our mirror wardrobes and real front door!

We are very close to the finish line with appliances scheduled to be delivered this week and the plumber and electrician also scheduled to return and complete finals by the end of this week. Hopefully the tiler also comes back and does the finishing touches to the bathrooms.

Once the above is complete, all that is left to do is the paving and gloss paint and then the final touches before PCI! We’ve been told to expect PCI by the end of June, or if not sooner.

So excited to finally get our keys and for the house to finally feel like it is in fact ours. I still walk through it and feel so incredibly lucky that it’s actually our house and we’re going to live here soon.

Thanks again for stopping by and I promise I will do my very best to write a couple of posts in June.






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