House Progress: Tiling and Painting

Our build is on steroids at the moment! So much has been happening.

Firstly – all the internal painting is now complete, with the exception of the gloss paint for the doors . And secondly, and the most exciting part – our tiling has started!

I chose our tiles back in April last year (a whole year ago!) and the rate I change my mind, I was so apprehensive about seeing them again…As soon as they were delivered, we tore open the boxes to see them.

Wall Tile: City Grey (200x400) Floor Tile: Lily White (400x400)

Wall Tile: City Grey (200×400) Floor Tile: Lily White (400×400)

Thankfully, I still loved them!

All of our tiles are from European Ceramics in Perth and are from the standard range. Our allowance was $44m2. We decided very early on that we didn’t have a massive (actually, we had nil) budget for “extras” as we had already gone slightly over budget on the actual house. This meant it was a big fat no to any fancy feature tiles or full height tiling… In hindsight, I am now glad we didn’t do feature tiles as we now have a blank canvas and a very neutral scheme to (hopefully) last the test of time!

I plan on adding colour and texture with towels, wall prints, canisters (I bought about 25 from K-MART – ooops), candles and other bathroom knick-knacks.

Brickbond Wall Tiles

Brickbond Wall Tiles in the Second Bathroom

Master Bathroom Tiles (no grout yet)

Master Bathroom Tiles (no grout yet)

However, despite not having any feature tiles – we did ask the builders to lay our tiles in the brickbond pattern (or subway style) in both bathrooms and I think this has made a feature out of standard tiles! This shouldn’t cost you any extra to do as it’s simply a different way of laying tiles.

Bathroom Mood Board

Bathroom Mood Board

Stay tuned as next on the list is cabinets! They are scheduled for delivery by the end of the week and will be installed by next week.

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